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  • Function:
  • Specialty:
+ Servo high-speed shear mixer;
+ Multistage control of gelatinization temperature;
+ Consistency and stability of viscosity;
+ Stable equipment performance and low failure rate;
  1. Glue stability
  2. Raise the production speed of corrugator, improve corrugator runnability, board quality, starch & energy usages reduction
  3. Quick return on investment

JT & LEGEND——with its 18 years of experience—offers a single, turnkey solution using the best available technologies to meet your specification

Advanced Starch Mixing Technologies

As a premier manufacturer of chemical products and corrugated packaging industrial starch mixing equipment(glue kitchen) for over 18 years, we understand your business and are committed to delivering solutions to your toughest mixing challenges. Our experienced teams can assist you with your formulation and process to improve productivity, maximize yields, and lower ingredient costs by customizing a high-performance mixing system that meets your 

particular needs.

Our mixing equipment can accommodate your mixing, blending, dispersion, and starch particle size reduction needs. We offer in in-tank high shear batch mixers / dispersers, multi speed agitators, inline viscosity control, and powder induction and dispersion systems. Our equipment has been tested across hundreds of ingredients in many markets to increase profits, reduce maintenance, and improve ergonomics and safety. From ECO model to high end model, our glue kitchen are available in a wide range of configurations.

Our Mission

The LEGEND mission is to improve a processor’s production capabilities with highly effective starch mixing equipment that requires less horsepower and  optimizes your capital costs. We strive to provide our customers with a payback of one year or less through the use of new technologies that will outperform their current equipment.

Our objective is to thoroughly understand your mixing application in order to provide the best technical solution on the market.

Whether you have a new project or aging equipment that needs optimizing, you can rely on our decades of applications experience and innovative technology to help grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Leading bonding Solutions Provider!

In2020, the concern of Legend & Smartech is rising from machinery to bonding process, and beginning to cooperate with JT company for exploring the bonding process of revolutionary technology to improve different advantages in corrugated industry.We are using our technology to provide customers with a wide range of cost-effective solutions per customers'  requirement. 

Through our machine, we can achieve the following goals for you,

1, Glue stability,

2, Raise the production speed of corrugator, improve corrugator runnability, board quality, starch & energy usages reduction

3, Quick return on investment

+ Servo high-speed shear mixer;

+ Multistage control of gelatinization temperature;

+ Consistency and stability of viscosity;

+ Stable equipment performance and low failure rate;

+ More than 200 customers in many countries around the world;

+ To help the development of corrugated packaging industry with innovation and technological progress.

MEP (multi-stage distributed embed, parallel) mixing system with double mixers to make the low gel-point is possible. By utilizing a powerful speed servo mixer, together with a smart control system, can easily to promote the starch molecules’ dispersion & adhesion, and through this, homogeneity and strong adhesive in general.

  +Hi-Shearing module

  +Double Mixers Design

  +Multistage gelatinizing control 

  +Servo mixer

MEP Delivers Performance & Efficiency

The MEB high shear mixer has been an industry leader since 2015. Its patented design provides glue kitchen with significant advantages that greatly improve mixing operations. The MEP delivers high shear and flow patterns that result in faster overall batch times, energy savings, batch to batch consistency, and improved glue quality.

Less Energy Consumption: Through extensive streamlining and utilizing the latest smart control system and rigorous physical testing, our MEP mixing impeller has been designed to maximize efficiency while producing mechanical and hydrodynamic shear and optimally direct flow that is beneficial to the process.

Improved Dispersion: With the MEPbatches can be completed in less time.Powders are 100% hydrated and dispersed, with most mixtures becoming agglomerate-free in under 10 minutes.This is due to the MEP’s multiple shear zones in combination with a high product flow that enhances the mixing performance in the tank.